Best Sports Anime: Best Sport out there:

This is the type of Anime which is generally themed on various types of sports such as basketball, football, car racing, and skateboards, etc. Well, colored themes,  well-animated characters, and action-packed stunts during games makes this anime more popular among the kids and people who love to watch sports Anime.  The inspiring, engaging and thrilling story of this Anime is enough to keep people’s stick to their seats. In short, we can say this is the best form of entertainment which is visualized with tshe help of animation. You never want to take your eyes off if you are watching this Anime.

Let talk about some best sports Anime which are in the top list:

Ping Pong: The Animation

This is the Fictional story of two friends Peco and Smile who are childhood friends who love to play table tennis. Both are famous for their table tennis skills in their school. One day Peco was defeated by a Chinese student after that he becomes so devastated and quit practicing.Their coach Jo, start to do focus on the Smile potential. This story revolved around the struggle of these two boys.

Slam Dunk:

This is another sports themed Anime series about the basketball team of the  Shohoko High School. The Boy name Sakuragi  Hanamachi who hold the record of being rejected by a lot of girls in the school. But then he has a crush on another girl name Kaede Rukawa, very beautiful girl and every boy had a crush on her. Sakuragi joins the basketball team to win her heart.

This is one of the best sports Anime of all time and increases the popularity of basketball in Japan.

Haikyuu !!

This is the Volleyball themed Anime in which the player of Karasuno High School takes the challenge to be on the top-ranked volleyball team in Japan. They got two new players in the team  Hinata and Tobibo who becomes the key players very soon and success factor of the team. This story revolves around the obstacle, the struggle of these two friends Must watch this top class series to know about them.

Hajime No Ippo:

This fiction story is about the high school student who is Bullied in the size who want to be a good human being. He had a good body, but never been good at fighting. One day a Boxer named Takamura Mamoru saves him from some boys and introduces him to the world of boxing. Where he faces many struggles, hard training to get his goals.

Eyeshield 21:

Eyeshield 21 is the story which is full of comedy, excitement and electric fast characters. One day the Caption of  American football club notice one guy Sena Kobayakawa running very fast on the field. He introduces Sena in his team and story begins.

Prince of Tennis:

This story is about the boy names Ryouma Ichizen who work harder on his tennis skill to surpass his father, A legendary tennis player. He faces many hard training and opponents to be like his father. This story is about his struggle which he faces during training to be like his father.

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