Samurai Anime List | Best top 10 list

Samurai’s are the warriors, and they charged themselves first in case of war or battles. They Fights with hordes of enemies with one of the best swords of the world you have ever seen. They also face so much harm while doing battles, but always stay loyal with their lords. There are so many movies created on samurais and at same time, a many Anime are available to see their stories.

Here are top 10 Samurai Anime List for you:



Gintama is a Japanese Anime written by Hideaki Sorachi in decemcer 8, 2003. The screenplay is about the aliens called Amento attacked on the humanity and how Samurai of start battle against the aliens.


Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan:

This story is based on the Samurai named Himura Kenshin, who participates the war Bakumatsu. He wanders the whole Japan by offering protection and aid to the peoples who need help to overcome from their injuries for the murders once he committed.


Samurai Champloo:

This is the story about the women who is working as waitress in the tea shop. One day she is abused by the band of samurai and saved by the rogue named mugen and young ronin named Jin sitting in that shop also. They both start doing fight which couse the death named Shibui Tomonoshina who was magistrate son.


Shigurui: Death Frenzy

This is the story of 1629, Japan is ruled by Tokugawa Tadanaga’s. Where participants are fought with real steel Japanese swords. This story revolves around the Fujiki Gennosuke who has only one hand and the Blind samurai Irako Seigen’s first match.


Stranger: Mukou Hadan (Sword of the  stranger)

This story is about the young boy named Kotaro who walk through the danger area with his dog, Tobimaru. The monk who is watching that guy to take help from  Master Zekkai which is in the temple  named Mangaku Temple. This story mainly tell you the difficulties that the guy and his dog found on the way.


Hyouge Mono:

The story is set during Japan’s Sengoku Jidai (Era of the Warring States) and centers on Furuta Sasuke, a vassal of the great warlord Oda Nobunaga and a man obsessed with tea ceremony and material desires in his pursuit of a fortuitous life. Having learned from Oda and the legendary tea master Sen no Soueki, Furuta walks the way of the Hyouge Mono.


Saraiya Goyou (House of Five Leaves)

 This story is about the skilled swordsman Akitsu Massnosuke. One day he hired by the leader (Yaichi) of group “Five leaves” and do the job from him, he worked as a bodyguard.


Samurai 7:

In the far distant future, on a planet that might have been called “earth”, there was a war between samurai who mechanized their bodies. After the long war, people enjoyed a modest peace.


Sengoko Basara:

In the Sengoku Period of Japan, many people fought in endless struggle for  the nation called Nobunaga Oda. Yukimura Sanada and Masamune Date were the two Youngman’s who stand in front of him for battle. This story is based on battle between them.


Hakuouki: Shinsengumi Kitan:

This story begins with the girl Chizuru Yukimura who try to search her father, Finding herself in trouble when she is attacked by a mad men before they are arrested by the members of Shinsenghumi who take her in custody for interrogation.

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