Top Anime to watch, Top 10 best ever

Anime is a Japanese word, if you pronoun it in English, it means Animation. A television animation which  originated from Japan and characterized with various colors, powerful action pack stunts, strong characters and best themes is known as Anime.

Nowadays you can watch many types of Anime series on your television like Drama, action, horror and many more series according to your taste.

Lets know about Top 10 best ever Anime to watch ever.

One punch man:

A guy named as Saitama, wants to become a super hero for fun. After taking 3 years of hard training, also lost his hairs during the practice. He becomes strong enough that, he can defeat his enemy with a single punch. No one can stand in front of him in battle. After some time he found that being an extra powerful is actually a kind of bore.

Psycho pass:

Psycho pass is an anime television series based on the story of Japan, where government starts the mission the check the person’s propensity towards criminality by using the stationary handheld technology. The information is recorded by the Sibyl System. It establishes the Public Safety Bureau and rules over personal and  psycho pass technology.

Phantom: Requiem for that Phantom:

This anime is based on the story of America where assassinations are the regular occurrence on the roads and streets. Inferno, is the group of people who are behind these tragedies and the weapon which is used by them is called “Phantom”. The main motive of Inferno is that they kidnap the person and washes his brain and make them their puppet with no memories.

Stranger: Mukou Hadan (Sword of the stranger)

It is the Japanese Anime film in which a Young boy Kotaro is hunted by the group swordsmen from Ming Dynasty China for mysterious reasons, between struggle, morality, righteousness and devotion as he make a decision to take a raggedy boy and his dog to a remote, Buddhist temple.

Black lagoon:

This story is about pirate mercenaries known as lagoon company, who smuggles  good around the seas of Southeast Asia in the mid of 1990. Black lagoon  have many clients clients, but their main client is the Russian crime syndicate hotel in Moscow whom they export good mainly. They transport their goods in 80ft Elco type PT boat called Black Lagoon.


It  is a Japanese dark fantasy manga series written by Kentaro Miura. A boy named Guts whose entire world  is warfare and bloodshed, Fights without

Any regard for his safety and gain a good reputation.

Stay/Fate night:

 It is the Japanese novel developed by Type-Moon. Stay/Fate night is based on the two week period of time in the life of protagonist  Shiro Emiya, who study in school Homurahara Gakuen in Fuyunki City. All story revolves around these two weeks and house of Shiro Emiya which is the base location in the Holy Grail War.

Guilty Crown:

This anime is produced in 2011 by Production I.G. This story is on the guy named Shu Ouma, who study at the school and have an ability called “Power of kings” that makes him to draw out items called Voids.

Deadman Wonderland:

It is another Japanese series illustrated by Jensei Kataoka in 2008.  Based on the  earthquake which destroy Japan’s three quarters of cities in the Pacific Ocean.


This is a fictional anime which is based on Medieval Island, where humans are tortured by Yoma. Humanoid shape shifters that feed on humans. Then a mysterious group is created by the peoples names as “The Organistion” to kill the Yoma for the fee.

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